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"English Matters" offers English courses in the Rhein-Neckar-Kreis (area in Germany between the cities Mannheim, Heidelberg and Weinheim). Courses are available for groups or individuals, and may be supplemented with online help and activities. A Needs Analysis will determine the level and content of the courses.

Courses are offered for those seeking to improve their general English, as well as for those who wish to focus on a particular business skill area such as giving presentations, giving technical presentations, writing technical reports, writing business letters, e-mail and other correspondence, participating in meetings, telephoning and more. Classes are taught in English, but German is used when necessary to help with explanations.


The Tower of Babel ... the beginning of language diversity

"The Tower of Babel"
Pieter Bruegel (about 1525-69), usually known as Pieter Bruegel the Elder
1563; Oil on oak panel, 114 x 155 cm; Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, Vienna